In Loving

Harold Morgan Kennedy

Jun 04, 2016

OBITUARY HAROLD MORGAN KENNEDYOn April 6, 2016, Harold Morgan Kennedy died of apparent heart failure preparing to kayak on Lake Anna, Louisa County, Virginia. He was found that night by his wife of 26 years, Angela Cathey Kennedy near his boat. Harold Kennedy was born in Kennett, Missouri February 27, 1953. His family subsequently relocated to Gunnison, Mississippi to raise cotton. Kennedy served his country in the U. S. Army as records keeper and sharpshooter with creditials in the M-16 rifle. After discharge from the Army he became a skilled heavy equipment operator, known in particular for residential construction projects. His friends and family depended on him for his expertise as a hunter and, in particular, his lifelong passion for studying the habits of turkeys and fishing for Striped Bass. By his wish, Harold was cremated and his ashes returned to his wife who will retain them in remembrance of her beloved friend and husband. Harold will also be remembered by his friends and family with warmth and affection, in particular his brothers and sisters Ray, Virginia, Lowell, Naomi, the twins Joe and Gene, Wayne, and Sarah Lynn. His son Kevin is a Louisa, Virginia resident and daughter Sara is currently of Highland Springs.